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Hyundai KONA EV

The Electric Crossover About the Car   Hyundai will launch its First Electric SUV in India on 9th July, 2019. After launching it is available in 16 Cities of India initially such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai and many more. Globally Kona will be available in two Variants - 39KW battery pack with 312Km of Range and other is 64KW battery pack with 482Km in single charge. Exterior This Crossover gets something which makes its unique from the other Electric Vehicles present in the market. Kona is 4.2 Meters long and 1.8 Meters in width nearly same size as Creta. Somehow Kona does not look like a bigger SUV but this Crossover is get something to stand in the market.  Hyundai Kona is aerodynamic in design and size of this segment. The black plastic cladding all over the car makes it upstanding among the other crossovers in the industry. In India 39KW battery pack will be available which produce 136Bhp and 395Nm Torque with Top speed of 157 KMPH , 0-100

MG Hector

The I-Smart Technology About the Car MG - Morris Garage was established in 1924 one of the oldest car-makers put there step into the Indian Market with there new car named MG Hector coming up with the I-Smart Technology new in this segment. The Bookings will be open from 4th of June. Exterior The MG Hector is largest in the class with length of 4655mm,  width of 1385m and height of 1760mm. The apperance of the car is massive as it is largest in the class. As the MG Motors first car in India the expectations are very high hope that the car will stand on that. It comes with large R 17 Dual toned Alloy wheels which enhance the look and due to this the ground clearance of this car is increases which is the need of every car in Indian market as the roads and the condition of the market is like that. The chrome work is everywhere like the Chrome strip on Side Cladding ,chrome finish on Door Handles and the Chrome Finish on window Belt-line. Also the Silver fin