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Hyundai Venue

India's First Connected SUV Name does not matter Hyundai Venue this was the second name of this car the first name of this car is QXI then it changed to Venue or some reason and the reason or any problem regarding the changing of the name is not revealed by the Hyundai About the Car The Hyundai motors is presenting its first subcompact car in India which is Venue. Coming towards the massive design blowing up the mind of the youngsters and also ready to steal the heart of many new comers. Exterior The first look of this sub compact SUV is very cool. In some areas it just look like smaller Hyundai Creta but it is not the copied version. The overall boxy design is from Carlino Concept which is reincarnation part.  The side curves of this beauty is Protagonist just simply streamlined design not very kinky but looking great. The Subcompact SUV is the new trend in the market with its new design loaded with lot of cosmetic changes from the present design of the SUV&

Mahindra eKUV 100

The first EV from Indian Brand As nowadays the Electric vehicle becomes a need of this modern era and Mahindra is ready to launch its first EV in India. Very important part of the automobile industry these days are the Electric Vehicles as to safe our fossil fuels and non-renewable resources so that the future generations can interact with them and on the other hand Pollution is also a Global problem all around the world. Only one solution is there that is switching towards the Electric Vehicles. About the car Mahindra announced that this Electric car will be there first car to be launched in the Mid- 2019 and it was displayed in Auto Expo 2018 with the other Electric Vehicles Somehow the outer looks are similar with the present KUV 100 but some minute cosmetic changes are there in some areas which is very important so that it can be judged that which model is this. Although the curves of this fabulous SUV is maintained remarked as same with the present model. New 10 spo