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New Audi A6

Intelligence is Trending About the Car The new Audi A6 is the 6th Generation of this all new sedan series. The downsized version of a capable Flagship cars from AUDI. From this new generation the expections are very high but it is not that satisfying. As with all new  A8, A7 and A6 is a expression of the new Era of Design Language. Exterior The car looks almost same size as forerunner and maintained the similar footprints.   As this version of A6 is seems to be the baby version of A8. With large surface, sculpted edges and striking lines this business sedan conveys its character of high tech and sophistication.  There are obvious characteristics that bind them together as siblings though - a muscular hood, masculine flanks and a character-defining sharp crease over the rear fender. The headlamp is stunning, with slim DRLs (daytime running lights) and great use of layering. The matrix LED headlamp is made up of 32 LED units, and is likely to be standard on the In