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The New Legend by Toyota

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KIA Sonet

 The Compact SUV Exterior   KIA is going to launch the 3rd Model in India named Sonet as this is a Compact SUV. After the successful launch of Seltos and Carnival KIA is all set for the 3rd one. This will come in two category - GT line and Premium Tech Line.The GT line has the Red extracts on the car whereas the Tech Line comes with the Silver highlights. The front design of this SUV is really appealing with the Diamond Knurling on the Tiger Nose Chrome grill there is carbon fibre material at the end which is enhancing the beauty of this car. The red front clippers is not been mentioned earlier by the manufacturer seems to be a first in segment. The bumper is also having a great space to pass the air although coming with the Ground clearance of 205 mm. The Day Running lights are flawless moving from the top to bottom with a great curve. As this is the GT line so there are some red coloured accents are present. The outer-look of the "Tiger Nose Grill" looks like a smiling face

Mahindra Thar 2020

  The Indian Off-Road Hunk The new Mahindra Thar coming after a long interval of time but the changes happened in this would be required as there are lot of competitors that were exceeding day by day. The overall design is inspired by Jeep Wrangler. Let's have a look at this Off-Roader. Exterior   Few Cosmetic changes are there as built on Body Frame Construction however in the front section the Grill design is revamped over some hooks founded on the hood are looking beautiful and giving a complete massive look to this 4*4 beauty. The round halogen headlamp and Fog Lamps are similar as the new LED Day Running Lights were installed. The front suspension system is independent.  As more variants are there due to high demand in the current market as Hard Top, Convertible and Soft Top Options also these changes are required now as to taken back the trend of the New Thar.  This new model is more longer and wider as compare to the antecedent one. The convertible variant have manual adjust

BUGATTI La Voiture Noire

Most Expensive New Car Ever The Atlantic Type 57 was the expensive car to be old before the World War II with the price tag of  $12.45 Million now converted in to Bugatti La Voiture Noire which is revealed at Geneva Motor Show the expected price for this car is $18.68 Million including taxes. Bugatti's La Voiture Noire is the most expensive new car ever made as the Italian Manufacturer put more efforts to make the design of the car pure aerodynamics so that the can meet upto all the possible parameters as Bugatti is well known brand for its Speed. Having a look on the side view of this massive beauty is just telling that i am ready to fly with all the curves. The wheels are well designed to balance the vehicle while on the top speed as the spokes of the car is having strength and endurance to handle it in every situation made up with the composite materials in addition with lot of carbon fiber is used to make it more lighter. The Design is purely inspire

Maruti Suzuki XL6

THE NEW MPV OF TOWN ABOUT THE CAR The Maruti Suzuki's new MPV XL6 based upon the design of present Ertiga with some cosmetic changes this car comes with some first new segment features. This is the first car for NEXA coming up with three row Seats presenting with better Crossover Styling. EXTERIOR Having a look from the front angle the view it gives the glimpse that car is having something makes it more flamboyant from the present model of this car that was Ertiga. The placement of the logo is perfectly arranged among the chrome grill. The length of the car is 4475mm, width of 1775mm and height will be 1770mm. The turning radius of 5.2 meters. The new designed LED Headlamps with integrated Day Running Lights (DRL'S) along with the indicators.The size of the headlamps is nicely optimized so that it did not appear to be a giant lights.  . The chrome front grill is bold and joined with the headlamps with the DLR's that is tremendous becomes the cent