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New Nissan Leaf

Affordable Electric Vehicle In this day and age the need of cars is burgeoning although the resources or fossil fuels like petrol, diesel, coal is decreasing day by day. So this is the right time to adopt the new technology so that our resources can stretch for some decades as initially it is very difficult to opt the changes with that technology which is new or non-familiar but once it is started gives the best result. At this time we have to save our environment for the better tomorrow and zero emission vehicles is one of the best options. About the Car All new design of Nissan Leaf is ready to giving its best performance with Electric Motor as this EV is coming with new technology as this is most awaited technology for India. Nowadays air pollution becomes a major problem in every state of India and as per surveys most polluted country of the world. This is the time when the changes are required and here the example is there Nissan Leaf. Exterior This face-lift model

New Volvo S60

The Premium Luxury Sedan About the Car The Volvo is well known car manufacture in this modern era as it gives the safety under sexy skin. As this S series from Volvo which is the best sedan section is coming to India in late 2019. Lets have a look of the car below with details. Exterior The premium sedan brimming up with the luxury. As the appearance of this car is a symbol of racing spirit in it. As from the first look it falls into the eyes with the extremely pleasant curves. Each and every curve on this sedan is the example of respectful Engineering and the use of Technology used for the manufacturing of this beautiful car. As keeping the eyes on the front section the blacked out grille in addition with  gold brake callipers is presenting this car at another level of luxury loaded with happiness. The DRL is amazing when the key is plug in it automatically turns on as it is very different as compare with other car manufacturers. The area assigned to the fog light

Official Car of President of India

Mercedes Benz S600 Pullman Guard This car is used by Honorable President of India The luxury stretch Limo by Mercedes is the official car which used by President Ram Nath Kovind. This car is fully loaded with features one of the most interesting factor is the bulletproofing as well as integrated protection system in this car is used by the President of India. This is a real armored car. This is $1.6 Million Armored Mercedes Maybach Limo. Exterior Mercedes Benz has the unique wealth of experience as well as the technology used by them in the Limousines with high integrated protection system makes this brand all over the world chosen as one of he popular brands among the Government. As there is a stretch between the doors which is present as one can do meetings on the wheels as this car is designed for the busy or hectic schedule CEO, Businessman so that they can use there travel time by doing meeting on the way which is very convenient. Once work is done, the